Law Firms Can Have Faster, More Efficient Client Intake with Live Chat

Client IntakeLive chat on your law practice’s website is a great way to reach out to potential new clients while they are visiting your website. It can also make your new client intake process easier, too!

You want your client intake process to be perfect. That means it would be:

  • Easy
  • Efficient
  • Organized
  • Personal

You may already use a website form, but we have found that people generally do not like filling out forms even when it is for their own good. And sometimes people may not fully understand some of the questions. Our managed live chat system can help make your intake process easy.

Our well-trained chat operators can help by walking your new clients through the intake process any time of day – even when your office is closed.

Efficient? Yes! What could be more efficient than completing most of the intake process while the new client is right there on your website?

Organized – Chat operators can follow your checklist and everything is logged. This greatly reduces the chance of important details being missed or lost.

Live chat is a far more personal and engaging way to handle new client intake than old-fashioned website forms which often vanish (along with that new client) after the form is submitted. Even if your process depends on forms, a live chat agent can help your clients complete them accurately.


Call us at  1-800-610-0684, or chat with us here on our website to learn how can help your firm!



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