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Six Major Benefits of Live Chat for Law Firm Websites from LegalChat

Benefits of Live Web Chat

1. Real-Time Convenience for Clients.

Your law firm’s website visitors have three main ways to get information from you. They can make a phone call and hope to be connected to the right person who can answer their questions. If you look into the actual statistics of inbound calls that go unanswered or go to voicemail at any business, it is startling. Upwards of 25% of all inbound calls go unanswered.  Or clients can send an email and hope to receive a response. Finally, they can Chat and get instant answers 24/7.

2. Cost Efficient.

No need to hire more staff. Let our fully trained operators handle the chats for you! We train, coach, grade, and give bonuses based on performance.

3. Outshine the Competition.

Greet 100% of your website visitors and cruise past the competition in guest experience and website conversions.

4. Develop Stronger Relationships.

We build rapport instantly 24/7 with your website visitors and point them in the direction of the next steps that will benefit both the client and your firm.

5. Smart Transcripts Offer Data to Improve Customer Service.

  • Website Referral Source
  • Previous Page Views on Your Site
  • Transcripts
  • Integrates with Any CRM
  • Phone, SMS, Email, and even VIP Appointments!

6. Dedicated Performance Managers

  • Reviews of account performance monthly
  • Marketing Messages Updated Monthly
  • Available by phone, SMS, email Monday thru Friday 8am – 6pm
  • A digital partner, not a vendor that truly wants to help you sell more!

If you would like more information on how to get’s Live Chat Support on your law firm’s website please call 1-800-610-0684, chat with us, or email us today!

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