Good Client Relationships Start With a Conversation. LegalChat Can Help!

start client conversationsLegalChat software helps your law firm gain insights about your potential clients’ needs and motivations, and our live chat support service ensures that your website’s visitors can talk to a live person any time of day.

Here are some of the things that help make LegalChat the best live online chat solution for law firms:

Real-Time Answers and Problem Solving

Answering questions and solving problems helps build relationships that lead to happier customers and more sales. Live chat for a law firm’s website should include fast responses and personalized answers so that the your website’s visitors are more likely to share their contact information with you. Our chat agents avoid generic responses as much as possible, and aim to give your clients useful answers.

Reflect Your Firm’s Brand Personality

Live chat software can enable you to interact in a relevant and meaningful way. Whether it is your staff or our team doing the chatting, they should go beyond just gathering contact information. Live chats should be personalized and show that you care about your clients’ needs – but still remain focused on your firm’s needs as well.


It is easy for attorneys and law firms to gain more clients via a conversational concierge like LegalChat. Chat operators who use a conversational style get better results than those who use a more formal approach.  Answers should not be robotic, or sound stilted and phony to customers. Echoing the language used by your client while on chats helps build a rapport.


Find out how LegalChat can help you win more happy and satisfied customers.
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