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All marketing channels should be connected with live chat and text messaging

Link all marketing channels with live chat and text messaging

Link all marketing with live chat and SMS text

Adding live chat with SMS text messaging capabilities to a law firm’s website helps gain clients and cases. But the technology can, and should, extend far beyond just the website. Years of research and development have helped LegalChat become the primary managed chat and text provider for law firms and legal services. Part of that experience means we know there is a broader potential for these powerful tools.

Don’t forget chat in other marketing channels

Chat on its own is a compelling tool, and our TextUs! feature you actually have a phone number with which shoppers can contact the store directly through SMS any time. Here are a few additional marketing channels to deploy chat and text:

  • Broadcast media – don’t forget to tell viewers and listeners they can chat or text your company 24 hours a day (as appropriate)
  • Direct mail – newsletters and mail pieces should have either a chat bubble or text number to invite shoppers to start a conversation
  • Social media – frequently include links in Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram posts reminding people that chat and text communication is available
  • Email marketing – newsletters and everyday email messages should include links to text and chat with the store around the clock (as appropriate)

These options are key to extending the reach of chat and text technology. One final reminder is to be sure chat and text icons are on ALL websites and social media profiles. As more and more attorneys and law firms develop a comprehensive digital marketing plan, including chat and text on the website and extending the reach as far as possible become essential.

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