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How Live Chat Can Help Your Law Firm

Key Reasons Law Firms Use Live Chat

Live chat services are becoming a standard “must have” item for law firm and attorney websites. Whether incoming chat messages are handled by trained chat operators or by members of the firm, the benefits are indisputable. Live chat has grown in popularity in the legal community due to its positive impact on conversion rates and excellent return on investment (ROI). Here are some of the main benefits law firms see from a top quality live chat solution like LegalChat.

Make a Better First Impression with Prospective Clients

Prospective clients expect an immediate response. While that not always be a realistic expectation on their part, that’s how it is. With the availability and convenience of live chat, losing just one potential client due to a slow response time is unacceptable. LegalChat connects your law firm with potential clients immediately and offers the instant gratification they seek.

Experienced chat operators are able to quickly respond to the prospective client, gather all the important details of the case, and forward it you or your staff. Potential clients are left with the feeling that their needs have been understood, and assured that an attorney will contact them soon. This gives a much better first impression than filling out a contact form and hoping for a return call.

Better Conversion Rates and Return on Investment from Online Marketing

You may already have an excellent online marketing strategy that is bringing people to your website. But what happens after those people get to your site? Do they all become clients or do they leave. For most websites, the unfortunate answer is the majority of them leave without making contact with your firm. LegalChat’s proactive approach to live chat converts more website visitors into qualified leads, drastically improving your conversion rate and ROI.

Stand Out From The Crowd

Live chat has gained in popularity, so some may argue that live chat doesn’t necessarily differentiate one firm from another. The difference is in how your firm’s chat works.  Many live chat solutions are simply “bots” – automated replies that are meant to gather contact info, but usually just annoy website visitors. LegalChat’s trained chat operators use our state of the art proactive chat software to provide the best possible representation of your firm and the best possible experience for your soon-to-be new clients.
People visiting your law firm’s website are likely dealing with a very difficult situation, such as a serious injury, divorce, bankruptcy, or arrest. You can differentiate your law firm by providing an immediate response in their time of need. A chatbot or a contact form cannot do that.

Cut Intake Time and Overhead

The majority of chats happen outside of typical office hours. Having the LegalChat team working for your firm around the clock can reduce unnecessary overhead, improve your intake process and give you the opportunity to get clients you may not have without live chat. A chat transcript can be sent directly to your email and/or smartphone via SMS text, giving you the opportunity to respond as soon as possible.


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