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Don’t Let Live Chat Slow You Down: A Fast Mobile Site Is Essential for Law Firms


Fastest live chat softwre

As law firms focus on growing their client base with digital marketing and websites, a quality user experience on mobile devices is key. Websites must work well and load quickly for people viewing the web on smartphones. A key tool to maximize website lead generation is live chat. LegalChat is an industry pioneer with managed chat and chat software that has been scientifically tested to the smallest detail.

One of the most critical factors to consider when using live chat software is its impact on web page load speeds. Google’s search results favor websites which load quickly. Web pages with excessively long loading times rank lower than faster pages with similar information. Numerous website development companies have identified chat software plugins – especially the most popular free live chat plugins – as a major reason for slow websites, and credit LegalChat engineers with high-performance code that has no measurable impact on page loading times.

Another tale of caution for live chat is to beware of cannibalized leads from contact forms. LegalChat has been carefully tested to ensure website lead counts law firm websites already generate aren’t compromised by intrusive chat “nags”.

SignalR Servers Increase Reliability

BoatChat SignalR eliminates dropped chatsThe most critical performance factor with chat on mobile is chat conversations that end just like a dropped call with JabbR 1-way communication. LegalChat leads the industry with next-generation SignalR server technology that maintains a two-way chat connection, and increased reliability by 20 percent over JabbR old-school tech. When it comes to chat technology, retro isn’t cool.


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