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You don’t need a lucky four-leaf clover to gain more clients from your website

24/7 live chat can increase website client acquisition by 50% or more

Don't depend luck to increase leads from your law firm's website

Don’t depend luck to increase leads from your law firm’s website

Take a look at your website stats. The number of unique website visitors (“users” in Google Analytics) is typically 50, 60, or even 70 percent or more. That means you have only ONE CHANCE to grab the attention of half or more of the visitors on your website. You definitely want high-quality live chat on your website.

LegalChat operators are the best-trained in the business, and are on standby twenty-four hours a day to respond to chat requests from shoppers on your law firm’s website. Even small firms and solo legal practices can benefit from software and scripting that has been scientifically tested to generate more leads than any other chat provider in the industry.

Everything from the icons on the website and mobile chat interface to custom-developed operator software consoles and technology that maximizes every step of the chat and client acquisition process.  Generic, dollar-store quality chat providers abound, as does bargain-basement chat software, but dealers who value their customer experience understand that a quality chat company is as important as a well-trained receptionist. Essentially, that is the primary role of a chat operator: to be a client liaison and forward key information to the attorneys or other staff to follow up.

Are you nervous about the idea of a third-party chat vendor ‘talking’ to your customers? Even this blog post explains chat is one of the five tasks which a small business should consider outsourcing, and LegalChat brings with it the experience of more than two million chat conversations.

Of course, leads are the most important chat contact, but don’t disregard the other half or more of chat conversations that work very well as general customer service support that can help streamline your firm’s daily operations. All these aspects make LegalChat well worth a few dollars a day to converse with your new and existing clients online, at any time of day.

It may take luck to pick the winners in the NCAA Men’s or Women’s basketball championships, but getting more clients from your website is all about science-driven chat from
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