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Engage with Those Anonymous Visitors on Your Law Firm’s Website

It's time to greet the anonymous 95% of visitors on your legal website.

Do You Need Live Chat on Your Law Firm Website?

This question is frequently asked by attorneys to themselves. Let the numbers answer the question. First start with your total unique traffic that visits your law firm’s website. Now, figure that roughly one half of those anonymous visitors will engage with the live chat feature on your website. Once engaged, about 55% of those conversations will result in a an opportunity to take on a new client. These leads are directly routed into your firm’s CRM, email HTML, and mobile SMS alerts with a full transcript. The transcripts are a full detailed report showing you the guests referring site (the site that brought them to your website) and click path (what pages/inventory was visited on your site) along with their contact information. Currently, the law practices are seeing roughly 94% of all leads submitted from LegalChat are seeking a consultation. This is a huge opportunity to start converting more anonymous visitors that come to your law firm website into real prospective clients and cases.


LegalChat Live Chat Support Packages

Who Chats?

Adding LegalChat to your law firm or legal services website is just the first step. Now you have to manage those conversations and processes. Live Chats happen any time of day on any day of the week, and you have to be prepared to assist those guests with a concierge customer service philosophy. At least 27% of all live chats happen after the firm’s business hours. Do you have people and procedures in place to handle that surge of additional contacts and leads? If not, not to worry. has your back! Forming it’s strength in ten years of serving law firms, has been serving legal websites for 2 years and is ready to help you with their award winning solutions. currently offers:

  • LegalChat – Full Support Managed Chat
    Leave the chatting up to us 24/7 364 days a year (closed Christmas day) and check the box that you have your website fully engaged and backed with fully trained operators that will handle questions, concerns, comments and get the highest quality consultations for your firm.
  • LegalChat – Backup Support Managed Chat
    You have the ability to accept live chats initially but, if you team is busy the live chats roll over to 24/7 professionally trained Live Chat Operators that “Back You Up” and handle the conversation, go for the appointment, and submit the info directly back to you.

How Do I Get Started?

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