Is your law firm losing clients while you sleep?

Law Firm Lead Generation 24-7

Pre-screen new clients even while your firm’s office is closed.

We are in the era of 24 hours, 7 days a week, on demand convenience.

When people run out of time during the day, the internet makes it very easy to research, shop around, and do nearly anything at any time of day. The convenience of 24 hour accessibility is changing from a “nice bonus” to a “must have”, and people are becoming less patient when it comes to finding information. If you can’t give it to them now, they will get it somewhere else.

For attorneys, this demand for being available on demand can be costly. If potential clients expect immediate answers, you can’t always drop what you are doing to give them an answer. Even your paralegals and assistants can quickly get sidetracked by random contacts.
If someone called or walked into your office with a need for legal advice which they feel is very urgent, would you just say “someone will get back to you in a few days”? Not likely! Visitors to your website should be treated no differently.

You may already have a website that has lots of information about your firm, your practice areas, and your experience. But what happens when an off-hours visitor has a question that isn’t found on your website?
At best, you may be lucky enough that they took the time fill out your contact form. By the time you or your staff can reply, they may have already started down the path of retaining another attorney.

Be Proactive

LegalChat’s proactive process enables your law firm to make worthwhile connections, give people the info they need, and convert them into a new client at any time of day.
The timing and execution of our live chat process is the key to turning visitors into leads. We have developed proven scripts, and deploy them at just the right moment to capture the lead. Over 40% of the visitors to a typical website will make a decision somewhere within 30 days. For law firm and legal service website, that window is much smaller – hours, not days. Our proactive live chat solution can help ensure that you have had every opportunity to acquire them as a client.

24/7 Availability – Your Team and Ours

Some law firms do have the sales or customer support staff available to handle chatting with website visitors during business hours. That is a very good thing if your staff has the time to do it. But if your chat system just goes offline when your team goes home, you are missing leads.
Our backup chat service gives you the best of both worlds: Your people will chat when they are available, and our team will take over when your staff is away. No more “Chat is Offline” messages at night, on the weekends or during lunch breaks. Backup chat is ideal for those who want to manage their own chat, but also want to take advantage of our full-time 24 hour support.

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