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Introducing LegalChat – Live Website Chat Software and Support for Law Firm Websites

Lead Generation for Law Firm Websites

We are happy to launch our new website and live chat services & software for law firm and legal services websites. Take a look around and learn how LegalChat can help your firm get more and better leads from the web traffic your website already receives.

Our chat software has been developed over several years by our seasoned team of experts in online marketing and web user experience, and is the website enhancement you’ve been looking for to turn more of the visitors to your law firm’s website into new clients and cases.
LegalChat is made specifically for law firms in all practice areas. Personal injury, criminal defense, family law, business law, litigation, employment & labor… Any legal firm that needs to get more client leads from its website can benefit.
Call, chat or text LegalChat today to find out how our live website chat services for legal websites can help your firm.

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