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2018 Goals for Law Firms: Start Using Live Chat

2018 Online Marketing ChecklistFor law firms taking a look at their final numbers for 2017 and looking for ways to get more clients in the new year, adding quality managed chat to the website is a must. Like a well-trained receptionist, the operators at LegalChat are very skilled at helping website visitors and generating accurate lead information. LegalChat can help law firms increase their website leads 40 to 60 percent or more – and website leads typically close at the highest rate.

After about two million live chat conversations, the LegalChat team has fine-tuned every single facet of the customer-facing software interface, operator chat software console, and chat conversation processes. Each one of those elements has dozens of critical pieces, and each is critical to a successful live chat experience.

Customer-facing chat software elements include the website chat icons (including the proactive popup), as well as the actual chat window itself. LegalChat developers have thoroughly tested each of these components over the past decade on both desktop and mobile devices to maximize the customer experience and generate as many new client leads as possible.

Of the many features that make up the LegalChat operator chat console, there are several that are critical. These include operators being able to see what the user is saying while they type, hundreds of pre-written responses that have been critically tested to give website visitors a great experience and generate leads, as well as an ability for supervisors to view operator chat conversations in real-time and ‘whisper’ suggestions digitally or even take over a chat conversation, as well as many others.

Even the best website elements and most advanced chat operator console are mere tools in a box without well-trained people to handle the conversations. LegalChat operators are extensively trained for 40 days before going live, have an average of more than four years of chat experience (some have eight years), and receive regular reviews on 19 different performance measures.

Each year attorneys continue to seek every edge in the market to acquire more clients and caes, and digital marketing continues to play a bigger part in that strategy. Along with SEO and SEM, website live chat from LegalChat is one of the most important website lead tools.

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