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Why live chat from works so well for law firms

Advanced Chat for Law FirmsAttorneys often ask us why live chat works as an add-on to their law firm’s website. The truth is that despite all the technology put in to websites, they are essentially passive.  What a proactive managed live chat like system LegalChat does is provide law firms a chance to be ‘open’ around the clock.

Proactive invite is one reason why LegalChat works

Your law firm can proactively greet visitors just as a receptionist or assistant would in your office. Adding a proactive popup is literally the digital equivalent of holding out your hand and asking a website visitor what you can do to help them. Properly executed, fully managed chat can make a huge difference in website lead counts. In fact, with cutting edge software and SignalR server technology, as well as the best-trained operators in the industry, LegalChat boosts contacts made from law firm websites by as much as 50 percent or more. One key factor to consider is that half or more law firm website visitors are using a mobile device, so quality chat on mobile is a must.


Nearly (if not all) shoppers begin their process online – and that includes people looking for legal services. Typically 75 percent or more of a law firm’s website visitors never return a second time. That is precisely why we need to do everything possible to grab their attention and collect their contact information – and why quality managed chat around the clock is so critical. LegalChat is the best live chat provider in the industry.

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